5 Steps to Writing the Discussion Chapter of Dissertation

An academic dissertation paper requires students to put in a lot of effort to ensure each section has good content in an organized manner. The dissertation discussion chapter is among the dissertation sections; some students find it complex, especially when putting together the ideas to bring out a meaningful context. So, are you currently struggling to write the discussion chapter dissertation? Or are you almost writing your dissertation? There is no doubt you will have to explore the dissertation discussion section to present your facts and ideas right.

The dissertation discussion chapter: what does it entail?

In your whole dissertation, the dissertation discussion section is where the reader connects and understands the relevance of your topic and the study at large. This means that this section plays a crucial role in your whole dissertation since it gives your reader a clear direction. When writing this section, a student can easily lose track and start writing different and irrelevant content. That is why this article will explain to you all you need to do to ensure you bring out the best discussion chapter dissertation

How to write the discussion of a dissertation: 5 steps to follow

Writing the discussion chapter of a dissertation isn’t like any other academic task. You must have a clear guide to direct you on the steps you need to follow. We have simplified all the steps as described below.

Step 1. Summarizing the main findings

The very first element you need to know when writing a discussion section for the dissertation is re-stating the main statement; they provide your findings in a summary form. Ensure you don’t explain more details as the summary will lose its meaning.

Note: This section shouldn’t exceed one paragraph.

Step 2. Give the interpretations

When writing this section of the discussion for dissertation, you need to explain the significance of the research results. You must explain to the reader how the results help you to answer the main question or solve the problem. Here, all the information you give relies exclusively on the research you are handling.

When interpreting the information, you can use the following approaches to guide you:

  • Describe the results you didn’t anticipate and their significance.
  • Use the relationship, correlation, and patterns between the data
  • Explain if the research helped you achieve your objectives

Step 3. Discuss the implications

This is the third step in writing the dissertation discussion chapter. You need to explain the results as you relate to your efforts and the existing information concerning the topic. Give the reader information about how your efforts have contributed to the academic field while handling a specific topic.

Step 4. Express the limitations of the study

Of course, every research will have some limitations. When writing the discussion for dissertation section, it is quite essential that you acknowledge all the challenges you had throughout the research phase. The limitations can be the unexpected bad experiences you encountered during the research, selecting the wrong methods for handling the research based on your topic, or poor planning before you start the research.

Note: any limitation you list should affect your topic directly. Avoid shifting the focus to other studies or what you think other people might have experienced when doing the research.

Step 5. Give recommendations

This is the final step you need to know when writing a discussion section of the dissertation. Here, you have all the information and all the approaches you used during the research phase. Now, it is time to suggest to other researchers what they can do when handling research similar to yours in the future. Since you have highlighted the limitations in step four, you can as well include suggestions on how they can plan and avoid facing similar limitations when doing their research in the future.

Note: ensure you give the reader and other researchers relevant information they can rely on in the future. This section is purely based on the experiences you have when doing the research, creating content, and finalizing your paper.

These are the crucial phases you need to follow when crafting a dissertation discussion chapter. Otherwise, you can get yourself writing information that doesn’t match the requirements for writing a discussion section.


Every academic assignment has rules and guidelines to follow. Well, if you imagined how you would approach the discussion part of a dissertation, here you have adequate information. Simply follow the tips and the defined steps, and you will never miss the point.

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