Tips to Fix & Avoid Dissertation Plagiarism in Your Writing

A dissertation paper is a significant assignment in a student’s life. It is a paper that determines the final grade of a student after all the study years. This means that writing a dissertation will require a lot of your effort, and at some point, you will have to use some resources to bring the whole research together. Now, can you imagine all these works, and you end up falling into the plagiarism trap that has serious repercussions? Definitely, no student will want to see all the years they have spent in the university and all the efforts they have put in during the research process go like that. This means that you need to avoid dissertation plagiarism at all costs. But how do you go about the whole issue? Keep reading below.

Dissertation writing tips: what is dissertation plagiarism?

Before we can explore the best tips to help you avoid plagiarism, let us first explain the whole concept of plagiarism and how it can affect your academic score. Well, in academics, plagiarism involves using ideas and concepts of other publishers as your work without acknowledging or crediting them. The effect of plagiarism is so extreme that a student can face paper retraction. In academic institutes and other major publications, plagiarism is a serious matter, and the parties involved do a thorough check to detect any traces of plagiarism.

Dissertation writing tips: how to avoid plagiarism in dissertation

The following tips to avoid plagiarism will help you a big deal in ensuring you present a plagiarism-free paper for submission.

  • How to fix plagiarism with plagiarism checkers?

Once you have finished your dissertation, never submit the paper without checking through the plagiarism tool available online. Most importantly, ensure you know the tool your professors use to check plagiarism and ensure you use them adequately. Since there are many tools, one can detect some sections and miss some sections that another tool can detect. That is why it is essential to use several tools for clarity purposes.

  • How much plagiarism is allowed in dissertation?

In academic concepts, any plagiarism percentage is considered plagiarism, and it is not allowed. However, under some circumstances, education commissions and universities at large can allow a certain percentage, let’s say less than 10. However, when submitting your dissertation, ensure your paper has 0% plagiarism.

  • How to check whole dissertation for plagiarism?

After you finish your paper, you want to run the whole document through a reliable plagiarism checker. However, not all tools used for checking plagiarism are effective when checking the whole dissertation. Here, you might need to consider using the Grammarly plagiarism checker before running your document through other plagiarism checker tools for verification.

  • Using plagiarism checker services

When done with your dissertation and finally wonder how to check my dissertation for plagiarism, you can reach out to online services that specialize in detecting and removing plagiarism in a professional manner.

  • Cite correctly

One thing about writing a dissertation is that you will have to quote in some instances or use another person’s content for reference. In this case, most plagiarism tools will detect some percentage rate. However, you need to ensure you cite all the sources you use and credit all the sources you use effectively.

  • Always Proofread your dissertation

The best way to avoid dissertation plagiarism is to go through your work and ensure you cite every source you might have forgotten. Proofreading is a simple step, and it doesn’t have to take much of your time. If you can, give someone else your paper to go through it since another person is likely to spot a mistake easily.

  • Know how to paraphrase effectively

When you must use another person’s work, you can credit it, but, if possible, make sure you paraphrase the section while ensuring the original meaning and idea remains. Paraphrasing is simply writing a passage or some section of the dissertation paper in your own words.

Note: plagiarism isn’t a serious case for dissertation papers only; when handling any other academic paper, take note of the above approaches to avoid plagiarism.


If you are almost writing your dissertation or in the process of writing the dissertation, you should be aware of plagiarism issues and put in place the tips to avoid plagiarism, as highlighted in this article.

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