15 Tips on How to Get Motivation to Write Your Dissertation

Different academic tasks require varied experiences and knowledge when handling a given task. For instance, writing the best dissertation is a technical aspect of academic writing that even if you have adequate academic prowess, you also need to master every single section with the details you have to use. Besides, you must ensure you have an excellent writing style, and you can arrange the ideas well.

But before we dive into dissertation motivation, let’s highlight what a dissertation is and what it involves.

Well, also known as a thesis in some countries, a dissertation paper is the final academic paper for those taking Ph.D. degrees. This implies that before you accomplish your postgraduate or undergraduate degree, you must have done a dissertation research project. Generally, students choose a topic or a question based on their course, do research, gather the findings and present the analysis to the professors. The purpose of a dissertation is to weigh the understanding levels and different skills students have acquired during their time at the university. The dissertation is a crucial paper since it determines the final grade a student will get. You can get some basic guidance from the professors, but this type of paper requires the students to be independent in most cases.

During the dissertation writing period, most students find it to be the longest, tiresome, but again, the most significant assignment during the study period. That is why no matter the case, you must get the motivation for dissertation writing for good results.

What can motivate me to write my dissertation?

Having a reason for doing something is enough motivation. Think of your goal when doing the dissertation. This one reason will always make you look forward to finishing the paper.

Dissertation motivation: how to motivate yourself to write a paper

Writing your dissertation requires you to spend months preparing for the paper. This means that most of your days will be in the libraries and in books as you try to gather resources for the whole research project. During this period, the students are independent, and they manage their time as they wish. So, it is essential to gather enough tips to fight dissertation procrastination because dissertation procrastination will always come your way. However, the following tips will play a significant role in helping you get the motivation to write your dissertation.

  • Always write something each day

If you have been wondering how to get motivation to write a dissertation, set a pace for what you will be doing each day. When you have a planned schedule on what to write, you will always get the motivation to accomplish the task.

  • Choose an interesting topic

Before you begin your dissertation research, you need to choose a topic you like the most to give you the motivation for dissertation writing

  • Have a plan

It can be hard to work 24 hours on a dissertation paper. Since the day is long enough, plan all your activities and have different sessions. All the days aren’t the same, so you can plan your schedule based on a specific day.

  • Always take a break

Even though you want the dissertation motivation to finish the work faster, taking breaks to eat, exercise, and do other activities is a perfect idea to resetting your mind and re-energizing your body.

  • Work with other students

When studying with other partners with similar interests, you will always get encouraged and get the motivation for dissertation writing.

  • Have a progressive chart

The purpose of the progressive chart is to let you know how far you have gone. This will always give you dissertation motivation all the time.

  • Let someone read your work

Another person will help point out some mistakes and the sections you might have missed. Besides, they can give you different ideas on how to finish the paper faster.

  • Have adequate material

When you have enough materials to support your research topic, you will get a great motivation to finish your dissertation than when you don’t have enough resources.

  • Avoid distractions

It can be noise or other irrelevant activities that will put you through dissertation procrastination.

  • Reward yourself

After accomplishing a milestone quite early, give yourself time to enjoy what you love the most such as catching up with a series.

  • Finish first, then proofread later

Finishing the dissertation is better than focusing on mistakes. Once you finish the research, you can always get the motivation to proofread.

  • Write the introduction as the last part

The elements to consider when writing a dissertation is the main paragraphs. Avoid starting with the intro part, as you will need to include ideas in your whole dissertation.

  • Work with your professor

You need to be sure with every step you take while writing the dissertation. So, involve your tutor throughout the process for an exclusive guidance

  • Have a positive winning attitude

Before you get the motivation to write a dissertation, your positive attitude plays a significant role in ensuring you finish the paper faster.


Have you been struggling with getting the motivation for dissertation writing? Well, consider the above tips for a change.